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Welcome to WoodWisdon Academy

 Greetings! I'm Tyler A. Mace, co-owner of H.M.M Hardwood Floors, alongside dedicated experts Dominic Hickman and Walt Miller. We're excited to introduce you to WoodWisdom Academy, our educational hub devoted to the art and science of hardwood flooring. More than just a place to purchase floors, this platform aims to empower you with valuable insights.


Whether you're a homeowner, design enthusiast, or simply curious about hardwood intricacies, join us on an enriching journey. Together, we'll explore the beauty, durability, and timeless appeal of hardwood floors. Throughout WoodWisdom Academy, we'll cover various topics, including types of hardwood, wood species, grades, installation methods, finishes, maintenance, subfloor preparation, environmental impact, cost factors, and common issues.


For more in-depth information, feel free to download the provided PDF file. 

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